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jsSnow 0.5

This page is dedicated to a piece of antique software: XSnow for Webpages. The pages content is from my old 2002 webpage. Xsnow has reached XSnow 2.0.12 as of writing, but the spirit has stayed the same.
Any you will need javascript enabled :)

Hey, what'this? Looks like XSnow!

Yes, it is. I was looking for a port of my favorite toy, but didn'find any. So I took the graphics from Rick Jansens Xsnow 1.40, went to the kitchen, got me a mixer, ice ... and here it is: the first XSnow port to JavaScript!

Where to get it?

Here'is the whole package including the old demo page. Please refer to the html sources of how to install. It works for Mozilla based browsers (Netscape ...), Konqueror, Opera and M$IE. Also take a look at the CHANGES.

Breaking news: after 17 years of constant development version 0.5 has been released in 2019. And it comes with trees, too!

jsSnow-0.5.tar.gz (2019)
jsSnow-0.4.tar.gz (2002)
jsSnow-0.3.tar.gz (2002)
jsSnow-0.2.tar.gz (2002)
jsSnow-0.1.tar.gz (2002)



LICENSE   18.0kb
jsSnow-0.1.tar.gz   14.1kb
jsSnow-0.2.tar.gz   15.3kb
jsSnow-0.3.tar.gz   15.8kb
jsSnow-0.4.tar.gz   16.0kb
jsSnow-0.5.tar.gz   17.3kb
jsSnow.css   833b
jsSnow.js   17.1kb
sleigh1.gif   391b
sleigh2.gif   884b
sleigh3.gif   2.13kb
snow0.gif   44b
snow1.gif   44b
snow2.gif   55b
snow3.gif   55b
snow4.gif   56b
snow5.gif   55b
snow6.gif   56b
tannenbaum.gif   242b